Split Sleeves

Standard Split sleeve

  • MT1:- M-4,M-5,M6,M8,3/16″,1/4″,5/16″(BSW/UNC)
  • MT2:- M-6,M-8,M-10SHORT HAND TOP,M-12,M-14,M-16, 1/4″,5/16″,3/8″,SHORT HAND TOP,7/16″,1/2″,5/18(BSW/UNC)
  • MT3:-M-12,M-14,M-16,M-18,M-20,M-24
  • MT4:-M-16,M-18,,M-20,M-24
  • MT4:-M-16,M-18,M-20,M-24
  • MT5:-M-24,M-30,M-36,M-42

Standard Split sleeve for drill :-

  • MT1:- 3to8
  • MT2:- 4.5to13

Standard Split sleeve for center drills:-

  • MT1:-BS-1,BS-2,BS-3 & Metric Center
  • MT2:-BS-2,BS-3,BS-4 & Metric Center
  • MT3:-BS-4,BS-5,BS-6 & Metric Center


  1. The split sleeves are used for holding the drill or tap.
  2. we can use split sleeves in various machines which have morse taper like we can use in lathes,drill machines,taping machine and special purpose machine.
  3. Tequar split sleeves are hardened and grounded.
  4. Tequar split sleeves are very accurate by which the life of drill or tap will be longer.

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