CNC Collet Chucks

Understanding Collet Chucks: Varieties and Applications

Collet chucks, or collets, are indispensable tools for securely gripping bar stock, particularly in smaller sizes.

A collet typically consists of a round steel shell with three evenly spaced slots extending along most of its length. While designs may vary, all collet types function by being compressed around the workpiece, ensuring precise alignment and static friction.

These slots impart a spring-like action to the collet, earning them the moniker “spring collets.” The thicker nose of the collet forms the jaws, fitting snugly into the shaped recess of the chuck.

Collets are tailored to the shape of the work piece they hold, offering superior suitability for mass production tasks due to their quick action and precise positioning.

Sikka manufacturers CNC Collet chucks for CNC turning centers in A2-5, A2-6 Spindle for DIN 6343 Collets.


Additionally, collets can be operated “hard ” to ensure robust performance.

Types of Collet Chucks

Let’s explore three common types of collet chucks:

1. Push-Out Type Collet Chuck:

In this configuration, the shape of the collet nose and hood converge towards the right.

To grip the workpiece, the tapered section of the spring collet is driven into the mating recess of the chuck. As the collet closes, this slight outward movement of the bar ensures an accurate length setting for machining, especially when the bar is positioned against a stop bar on the turret head.

2. Draw-In Type Collet Chuck:

Here, the shape of the collet nose and hood merge towards the left. Gripping the workpiece involves pulling the tapered portion of the spring collet back into the chuck’s recess, causing the split end of the collet to close in and secure the bar.

However, precise machining length may be challenging with this type, as the collet’s closing action can draw the bar slightly inward towards the spindle.

3. Dead-Length Type Collet Chuck:

To address the challenge of bar movement during gripping, the dead-length type collet chuck comes into play.

In this design, the collet nose shape merges towards the left, with a sliding sleeve between the collet and the hood.

The sliding sleeve, featuring a tapered edge matching the collet nose, is pushed towards the right to grip the workpiece securely. A shoulder stop prevents any further movement of the collet, ensuring precise positioning.

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Unlocking Precision Machining with SIKKA Collet Chucks

Unveiling Versatility

Experience the versatility of SIKKA Collet chucks, available in four distinct sizes: 26mm, 36mm, 42mm, and 60mm, compatible with SIKKA power chucks. These precision-engineered chucks seamlessly integrate with your machinery’s hydraulic cylinder and draw, offering swift adjustments for enhanced machining capabilities.

Crafted for Excellence

Initially crafted for smaller part machining and bar feeding tasks, SIKKA Collet chucks boast superior tool clearance, minimal deflection, and impeccable gripping power. Unlike traditional three-jaw chucks, they exhibit swift movement and lighter construction, mitigating the adverse effects of centrifugal force.

Enhanced Workpiece Engagement

The innovative design of these chucks ensures optimal engagement with the workpiece surface, providing a secure hold across its entire circumference. Ideal for delicate tubes and thin-walled components, their even support eliminates part pullback. At the same time, the tapered sleeve and collet compression mechanism guarantees precise Z-axis positioning.

Precision in Performance

Balanced for high-speed operations, SIKKA Collet chucks accommodate diameters ranging from 10mm to 63mm, offering unparalleled efficiency in bar-feeding applications. Key features include a rotating cylinder for seamless movement, hardened and fine-ground components for durability, and adherence to DIN 6386 standards for impeccable run-out accuracy.

Compact Powerhouses

Compact yet powerful, these chucks deliver exceptional concentric accuracy for secondary length operations, maximizing output in bar feeding processes. Available in various sizes and compatible with multi-bore and spring collets, the SIKKA Collet chuck is your ultimate solution for precision machining needs.

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