Er-Collets (DIN 6499)

ER-series collets has the unique clamping system in the world used for clamping the tool, cutting, milling and doing the work of reamer etc. Sikka ER collets are used in cnc, vmc, millings, grinding.


The Advantage of Sikka Collets are:

Made of spring steel, have unique quality spring and longer life. The concentricity is totally examined according to DIN-Norm.The concentricity is upto – 0.005mm. .It has flexibility and can be applied widely and variably. ER-8 and ER-11 have 0.5mm elastic space. ER-16,ER-20,ER-32,ER-40 have 1mm elastic space. ER-50 has 2mm elastic space.



ER-88.513.50.5 to 1.5
ER-1111.5160.5 to 7.0
ER-161727.50.5 to 10.0
ER-202131.51.0 to 13.0
ER-2526341.0 to 160.0
ER-3233402.0 to 20.0
ER- 4041463.0 to 26.0
ER- 5052605.0 to 34.0

Er collet is basically a clamping device to clamp. Er collet is used in several application of machining such as grinding, milling, tapping etc. We manufacture quality er collet. we manufacture quality er collets that are very durable. Er collets can be comfortably used in grinding, boring, milling etc. purposes. Er collets are available in ultra precision and standard alternatives. Er collets of ours are very much capable of bearing loads that makes our collet unique. This er collet is very durable that helps machines in a long run.

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